"Surely the stone will cry out from the wall, And the rafter will answer it from the framework."          Bible Prophet, Habakkuk 2:11

Many people believe houses and land can hold emotional and spiritual energy--including difficult life patterns and traumas from occupants.  I have worked with and release the built up emotional energy from everyday life and stress.  A home energy clearing clears the house and land from prior owner's life and emotion that gets left behind. 

A Home Energy Clearing also removes low, heavy and unstable energy. Energy settled from fighting, divorce, abuse, death, and even ghosts.  

Our on-site or remote evaluation and clearing is unique in that it includes the entire property--including all interior and exterior structures, the land over 35' below surface and the atmosphere above to the stratosphere. 

Energy clearings take 3-12 hours and have a positive effect on everyone.  It is especially helpful for sellers, buyers and real estate agents.

​Call Eileen Kurlander, Energy Master, to raise the vibration of your house or business, feel fresh, clean and clear again.

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Eileen uses ancient and advanced environmental healing techniques.  Her clearing is the most extensive clearing available.  The Home Energy Clearing clears your home, property, structures and atmosphere, offering you a complete overall energy clearing so it feels fresh and renewed.

You will return to a fresh, 'new' feeling property--lighter and brighter!

If you are selling a house, there will also be a list of energy enhancing recommendations to help make the house more inviting for buyers.  If you are buying a house, you will be provided with a list of recommendations to help maintain the energy flow.

It is also important to clear the animals, pets and people who have been living on the property.  This is BEST added immediately after the property clearing or as a stand alone group service done anytime. 

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  • We had 52 Showings and no offers--Eileen did the home energy clearing and the next day we received 3 offers, and the HOUSE SOLD!                                                             SCR Realtor 

  • Eileen did a fine job checking the Mezzuzot hanging in our doorways. She found one with a large piece of debris in it needing to be removed.”                       Del Mar Mesa Homeowner

  • MY daughter keeps telling me people are in her bathroom--Eileen did a home energy clearing and NOW SHE CAN USE HER BATHROOM AND SLEEP EASY.

  • It started out as a 'friendly visitor' feeling, but then it got scary--Eileen did a home energy clearing and now NO ONE IS HOVERING OVER ME IN BED.

  • I'd been through a divorce and needed to sell quickly.--Eileen did a home energy clearing and the HOUSE FEELS GREAT, almost like a DIFFERENT HOUSE!

  • Our sound recording studio kept picking up sounds/voices on the tracks.--Eileen did an Energy Clearing and now our recordings are clear.

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What can it do?

  • Clear property of personal, emotional residue so buyers aren't negatively influenced.
  • Clear your house, property, land and atmosphere of heavy or negative settled-in and further--warped energy waves and fields.
  • Attract patrons you desire.
  • Clear COLD areas of a building or house.
  • Rid you and your property of energy that doesn't belong to you.
  • Remove bothersome entities, eerie places in the property, pictures crooked, other issues.
  • House feels heavy or some presence you thought was friendly isn't anymore?  Unable to sleep easy at night? Yep, they go too.  

Raise the vibration of the property to a happy, fresh, healthy feeling.  

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