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Hi! I’m Lynn Healy and I help people feel better in their homes. 

Have you ever walked into a house and it just felt creepy?   

Have you avoided certain rooms, like the basement or that bedroom down a long hallway?

Have you had trouble sleeping in your home, but sleep fine in other people's homes or hotels?  


Yeah, me too. 


A few years ago I began studying energy and how it impacts people in their home.   I learned haunting energies.  I also learned about stuck energy and geopathic stress and how it can cause homeowners to feel anxious, depressed or agitated for no apparent reason.


Now I run a business removing unwanted energy from homes and I help homeowners feel better.    


I also work with realtors to sell homes.   An estimated one in five people are sensitive to energy and feel things more deeply than others.  This means many buyers may feel unwanted energy in homes and quickly decide they aren’t interested, even if the home is otherwise perfect for them. 


I charge $222 for a full home clearing.  Cost includes a full report of what I found and removed from the home.  Sample report coming soon.


For more information or to book a home clearing, email me at lhealss@gmail.com. I'd love to talk to you.